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Possible solutions to a NATIONAL problem

1) Drop the "RESTRICTIVE COVENANCY" on the North Atlantic Refinery at Come by Chance!
We believe this to be an added restriction and cost to the consumer, inthat this is a supply of gasoline, not available to consumers, that thereby, protects the present Mainland market, keeping gas prices there artificially high.

2) Any arbitrary increase, by any of the Oil companies, should NOT be passed onto the consumer, without any ACCOUNTABILITY!

3)Canadian resources,both onshore,as well as offshore,should be developed for Canada and Canadian consumers first.
Too much is not being talked about in this country,and one of the most important issues is the need for this country to develope its own "NATIONAL ENERGY PROGRAM" designed not only for the protection of consumers at the pump,but for the protection of the economy of Canada against the pressures of the "World Market Price" scenario.
Politicians in this country should set a "Canada First" agenda. There is not a petroleum products user in this country today, whether you are paying high prices for gas, heating oil, or natural gas that looks first at the present actions caused by initial production cuts by OPEC, who would question the move toward a "Canada First" energy policy....
Why is it not a Canadian Election issue today?