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1) Oil companies are not answerable to Government on ANY aspect of pricing policy,
with some exception to the Province of P.E.I. In January of 1999, the Nfld Government,
as well as the City Council of the City of St. John's, asked for an explaination of
costing they used to determine final pricing. All the major Oil companies have FAILED
to reply. We believe that they WON'T receive a reply anytime soon, unless they are
legislated, making it LAW to supply any information requested.

2) Except for the Province of P.E.I., the Oil companies are NOT answerable to you an me,
as consumers. The Government of P.E.I., has imposed REGULATION and made it work as a way
to protect the Oil companies as well as the consumer. We refer to the petroleum products
act below.

Some of our committee believe this to be a good form of Consumer Protection, in that the ONUS IS ON OIL COMPANIES TO PROVE THAT THERE IS A NEED any gas price increase.
Judge for yourself, but above all, talk about it.
Consumers in Prince Edward Island also HAVE THE RIGHT to CONTEST the Oil companies in matters of pricing.
View prices here!

3) To date, the Newfoundland Government has refused to look at the issue of regulation as they mostly believe the market will work of it's own accord.

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4) Kory Arthur of Irving Oil on regulation.(The Telegram Jan 7/1999
" If you bring in regulations, tied to the crude price, any cost savings would not be passed onto the Consumer."
George Murphy, Committee Member. (July 21/1999)
" Any arbirary increase by ANY of the Oil companies, should NOT be passed onto the consumer without any ACCOUNTABILITY!