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Issue of Government taxation


Federal excise tax, accross the country, acounts for 10 cents on ANY litre of gas.
In the Provinces as well, Federal 7% Gst is also on a litre of gasoline.


Provincially, the road tax(consumption tax), or monies collected for the maintenance of roads, etc., amounts to 16.5 cents on a litre of gas. This is amongst the highest in Canada, allowing Government to collect $122 million dollars as of the last Provincial budget.

P.E.I. road tax = 13 cents/ litre.
New Brunswick = 10.7 cents /litre.
Nova Scotia = 12 cents /litre.

The NFLD Government refuses to address, the issue of high road taxes imparted within the cost of a litre of gas.
The commitee recognizes, the responsibility of Governments to tax and provide services, but at 16.5 cents /litre, it is probably a hinderance to the economy.

The fact that the NFLD Government collects a form of "Double Taxation" on a consumer necessity, has to be addressed.
In the case of taxation, on gasoline products, we find the Government to be just as responsible as Oil companies are, in the setting of unfair & unjustified prices.