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Links to other noteworthy sites on gas pricing, regulation &
cross country gas prices.

Cut gas taxes by filling out this online petition from the Canadian Tax Payers Federation!

Current World Crude Price (NYMEX)
Courtesy of Bloomberg Financial

Current Prices in our REGULATED MARKET model, P.E.I.
Market Model of Competition - Ottawa gas Prices
Petroleum Regulation
PEI Petroleum products act.
Canada Wide Pump Prices, according to M.J. Ervin & Assoc.
Canadian Petroleum Products Institute
US Petroleum Products Institute
U.K. Gas Protest page aiming for reduced fuel taxes
Nova Scotia Consumer Groups
It's all out war! It's gas out!
General Fuel Protest Site, Boycotting Esso

Government releases.
Home Heating Fuel Rebate Program for Newfoundland (Download Fuel Rebate Form)
Government / Nfld gas & oil prices public site - Redone!

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