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First, we want to apologise for the plethora of pop-ups. We use free web providers and
therefore are subjected to their 'office space rental' in the form of annoying pop-ups.
The consumer Group for Fair Gas Prices is and always was a volunteer effort receiving no
monies from anyone but our members own pockets.We make *zero* money in any form for our efforts...
We have been told by many that we may have saved thousands, maybe millions, for consumers
by pointing them to the lowest possible price.
That, to us, is worth all the effort.


"First we take Newfoundland & Labrador, then we take Nova Scotia!"

It's time to walk the walk Nova Scotia! We are here to help you through the
process of organising one loud voice to speak loudly to the ones that spin
the wheels and let things like unnecessary taxation on life's necessities
happen!!! The truth is that many of them in power have no idea what you want...
Below, find your voice, your outlet and proof in writing that all who sign
are tired of NOT being heard!

Though in Newfoundland, we didn't achieve our goal of the removal of taxes from
home heating fuels etc, together with the consumers of the province, we did play
a huge part in establishing a regulatory system, whether indirectly or not, the
collective consumer voice was heard as a unignorable ROAR!

That being said, once we finish the petition drive in NS, the unified voice can then address the HST issue HEAD ON!

We feel this is the first step of many to finally having our file amongst the
top files on every political party's desk in all HST provinces and then... Who
knows where else this fight may lead and how fuel pricing can be made fair elsewhere.

While we continue to fight for the consumers in Newfoundland & Labrador, we have been
called upon by you, the NS consumers to help establish a voice there.
So without further delay, find your petition below and get out there, collect as
many names as you can, call (often) & email those who have the legal power to change things.

Once we collect the petitions, they will be presented for a member to read in the legislature.
See what happened on March 28, 2001 at the Newfoundland Legislature
HERE. (scroll down to petitions)
We had one of the largest petition drives in NL history and maybe the first to use online distribution.

People in remote areas of the province took the fight to their local hot spots and
collected as many names as they could. In the end, they were not only heard, but impossible
to ignore at 55,000 signatures in 6 days, considering the storms we had during
the drive, participation was heartfelt civic duty on the part of consumers!
Together, we CAN and WILL do this. Government is already listening, we just need our voice.

We now have a Nova Scotia address that you can send petitions to. It can be found on the bottom
of each petition page.
We are Still looking for a collection point in New Brunwick. Got a large mailbox
and a strong sense of community? Please email us with the subject 'NB COLLECTION POINT'.
Once our campaign is running strong in both NS & NB, we will establish a return date and post it here.

Best of luck!
CGFFGP Webmaster


* NOVA SCOTIA Petition for the removal of HST from Heating Fuels & Electricity


Our guest book will remain a permanent fixture for you, the CONSUMERS, to vent your frustrations & opinions to public & to share ideas publically. It will NOT be a forum for politicians to express their platforms, unless they are related directly to the pricing of fuel and/or taxation thereof. However if the politician would like to speak as a Consumer, we more than welcome that they do so!


Want to help?

We are looking for new, energetic committee members & volunteers
to help out with various tasks within the Consumer Group and get it off to an energetic start in Nova Scotia & New Brunswick.
It would be a great help to us & a great addition to your community service record!
Simply send us an EMAIL
Contact us at

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